Lockdown – a Diary of Madness

This lockdown is hard for everyone. Everything is so uncertain and there are so many worries and stresses. Running the rescue and dealing with keeping the birds clean and having nowhere for rubbish because the tips.are closed, finding seed and putting protocols in place to receive patients has all been ALOT. On top of that have been the worries about jobs, food and mental health.

We are all going through this together though and by supporting each other we will make it through.

I have been trying to do videos each day. They aren’t always wild birds but I hope they keep you entertained. I am writing another article for the British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. The wildlife garden and allotment style area is slowly taking shape.

Yesterday a little blue-tit actually explored the camera nesting box. My sister will attest to the fact I was more excited than if Rupert Everett had walked naked passed my window – and that’s saying something.

The other day on our daily exercise two buzzards flew right overhead. I will upload the video later.

These are little things but they get us through.

People have been emailing in photos of their gardens and wildlife for a page i am putting together – it will b3 a memory of the light in this dark time.

Every day poses a new challenge. If like me and my sister you have health or mental health issues it can seem overwhelming. If you want to chat then messenger our page – it doesn’t matter if you just need someone to distract you.

Lets be in this together xxxxx

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