Baby Bird Season

There are a couple of months (possibly weeks) in the life of a bird rescue when we are simultaneously recovering from last BBS and preparing for the next one. It usually happens around November to January – depending on whether you receive a large number of baby feral pigeons.

Baby Bird Season is the time of year that really takes its toll on a rescue – but at the same time it is also one of the most wonderful times of year for wildlife and nature.

At the weekend our volunteer Wedge put our camera-ready nesting box up. We are hoping that the birds will start to take notice of it as they get used to it being there. Unfortunately we did have to place it close to the house as it has a wire that extends indoors – so I am also hoping the birds don’t see my turkey Spartacus on patrol and decide to find another residence.

The prospect of being able to live-stream the nesting process is really exciting but realistically I know its not always perfect or without losses.

We have numerous nesting boxes in our garden and a friend of mine pointed out last year that if you see the paint chipped away around the entrance it’s a good sign – it means that someone is taking up residence. All the nesting boxes in our garden are used every year – the most popular one is in a large cherry tree. I wish I could have got a camera situated in there!

It’s now that time of year when the trees are starting to bud and the colour green is becoming less of a myth and more of a reality in our gardens. Life springs back and it’s always my absolute favourite time of year. Currently I am working on our garden which is swamped from too much rain and sewers / drainage that the Council informed us are damaged for miles. We said goodbye to grass a long time ago and hello to mud – but the plan is to turn the entire garden into something that is wildlife friendly and encourages all different insects, birds, amphibians etc to consider it a home.

If anyone has any photos of their garden or wildlife havens then message them to our Every Feather page and we will start sharing some of them over the next few weeks.

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