A Day In The Life of a Wildlife Rescuer

Read about the daily life of someone running a wildlife rescue – the highs and lows, laughter & heartbreak.

Wildlife Saves Lives

This year has perhaps been one of the hardest. There has been Lockdowns, different Tiers and different Rules. I’ve not been allowed to spend time with my friends. The usual things I look forward to like “veranda time” in the Summer, or Bake Off Nights have all been cancelled due to new rules and regulations.Continue reading “Wildlife Saves Lives”

Back in Lockdown

So we have headed back into a month long lockdown. I read someone say that this would be worse than the last one because of the terrible weather – I’m not sure they were wrong. Last time we had sunshine and that made long walks in the country a little more enticing. Now the frostContinue reading “Back in Lockdown”

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