Changes & Growth

Spring has always been my favourite time of year – specifically Easter. The sun starts to put in an appearance, lighter nights and leaves beginning to uncurl. The clocks went forward yesterday and that means coming home from work and having time to spend outside with Velvet and the garden dwellers before it starts to go dark.

Depression is often worsened in the darker months, and this starts to lift too as the Spring really takes over.

Our terrace (nicknamed the veranda) is something I have been working on over the last few weeks. I love to see trees, bushes and plants just about everywhere. We have the special corner where we sit for drinks in the evenings and I like to make it more private. I hang little outdoor solar powered lights up so when the darkness does start to set in it reminds me of a magical fairy garden.

Our garden hasn’t felt as safe over the last few years and so we have worked hard to make it a more secluded space again. Everyone should have somewhere they can go and just feel happy and at peace. Sitting outside with Velvet at my side and a mug of coffee in my hand is perhaps one of my happiest places.

Nature is healing – it is revitalising. We forget this sometimes when we spend so much time indoors that the magic is kept from us by windowpanes and walls. A long weekend is coming so I want to spend as much time as I can in the outside world.

This coming week will also mark the end of the Avian Flu Lockdown. I know that my little Wildings are desperate for the enclosures to finally reopen so they can go foraging again. Although there is nothing quite as frustrating as trying to eat outside with a chicken stealing off your plate – I miss their feathery bums running around.

At the moment I am having weekly therapy sessions to deal with life with M.E. The Therapist always believes that having a happy space is essential =- somewhere to retreat, meditate or just relax. Where are your happy spaces? x

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