Local Authorities & Wildlife

Firstly, I know I use this photo alot but it’s my favourite and Spartacus deserves the recognition.

I have been reading a lot of posts on wildlife rescue pages about issues with Local Authorities. One rescue that I greatly admire has even decided to relocate. This is simply unacceptable and grossly unfair. Local Authorities should be encouraging and supporting wildlife rescues in their area – instead in a lot of instances they appear to be making their work even harder.

As most of you will know we have had our own issues with the Local Authority dating back to around 2017. After over half a decade of work the only recognition we got was a letter from their Planning Department.

On Monday, after almost two years we got a letter from the Ombudsman telling us that our complaint has been passed to a Specialist Handler and they are going to look into things with the Council. This has taken a lot of frustration, heartbreak and exhaustion but even if we don’t get the outcome we want we know that most complaints don’t even go through to a Specilist Handler so there is some merit in it.

I worked for Local Authorities for several years and experience first-hand how they work. It was eye-opening, and there is a lot of black and white but no grey.

I have read letters people have received about feeding birds in the streets – asking them to stop and threatening them with fines. I have been sickened to read about culls on pigeons or other birds simply because of where they chose to live. It is time that Local Authorities started to work more for wildlife, perhaps even working with wildlife rescues to put some importance into the work that needs to be done. There is a wonderful Facebook page based in Salford that is working to get some form of support from the Local Authority and they do great work.

Every Feather would love to work with our Local Authority, and any other Authority in the Greater Manchester Area on wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. If anyone has any ideas on how to work on this please complete our volunteer form through the link on our Facebook page and then I will be in touch. If we all work together maybe we can put wildlife firmly on the Agenda of Local Authorities.

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