Wildlife Saves Lives

This year has perhaps been one of the hardest. There has been Lockdowns, different Tiers and different Rules. I’ve not been allowed to spend time with my friends. The usual things I look forward to like “veranda time” in the Summer, or Bake Off Nights have all been cancelled due to new rules and regulations. Samantha broke her ankle in spectacular style so there have been no long walks through the Country park. Our home can sometimes feel more like a prison than a sanctuary.

As some of you know I was diagnosed with M .E. about a decade ago. It comes in waves – some days I think I have all the energy in the world and the next I struggle to get a mug to my lips. With M.E. comes alot of other things like depression (because you don’t have the energy you want) and recently I was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia which recognises the constant pain I have sufferedf for years. With ongoing issues at home I was recently prescibed an anti-anxiety and sedative to stop the panic attacks and help me sleep.

All in all 2020 has well and truly sucked!

Or has it… I think it’s actually reawakened a lot of people. It’s reawakened a community spirit because people are spending more times in their home areas, seeing people they don’t really notice that much as they get on with their usual lives.

It’s reawakened an interest in wildlife and nature. I have had more e-mails and messages with questions about birds or animals people have seen on their walks. I’ve seen more books and articles being published as people step outside of their front doors and step into parks and countryside.

Wildlife has saved me for years, but this year it has been even more important. Without the bird rescue I wouldn’t have made it through the months of lockdown. They give me something that forces me to get out of bed on days that I’m not working. They give me a reason to keep going – when someoen knocks me down they give me a reason to get back up.

This year we have had such a wide variety of patients in. I had Pickle (our first ever baby raven who sadly passed over the Summer); I had woodpeckers, baby rabbits, pheasant, partridge. Many reminders of how wild and varied the natural world is. I was lucky enough to temporarily have a Little Owl stay with me. I even had a Cuckoo – a real life Cuckoo called Wally who I was so honored to finish raising and send off for releas. It’s a privilege to see these things that not alot of people get the chance to see.

Wildlife saves lives so get out there – get exploring and taking photographs.

2020 has been a terrible year for a lot of reasons but I’m determined that it’s one I’m going to remember for good reasons too. Maybe next year we can explore our new favourite places with our friends and family too.

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