Back in Lockdown

So we have headed back into a month long lockdown. I read someone say that this would be worse than the last one because of the terrible weather – I’m not sure they were wrong. Last time we had sunshine and that made long walks in the country a little more enticing. Now the frost is setting in and the ground is far wetter. So what can we do:

Well, the one thing that gives me the most joy is my birds – my poultry. Most of them are rescues and they are now the only birds we keep outside on site. The pigeons have all been moved to aviaries off-site, and the aviaries at the bottom of our garden stand empty unless Velvet or Sirius want to use them.

If you have the space to keep chickens then they are great entertainment and company no matter what time of year.

What do you need to keep some back-yard chickens:

  1. If you don’t own your own home then you need to check a Lease to make sure you are allowed them.
  2. Look at the amount of space you have and decide whether it’s practical for you. Remember that chickens do not respect your garden or anything you try to grow in it. If like me you want to grow veg you have to be ingenious in creating chicken proof areas.
  3. How many chickens do you realistically have room for? This includes, how much space do you have for a coop and/or run.
  4. Do you have time to clean them out, feed them, lock them up and spend time with them?
  5. Do you have a good local vet who is willing to look at poultry?

Chickens are extremely demanding. They might look like an easy bird to keep but trust me they can be hardwork. Say goodbye to eating outside in the Summer because whatever you have on your plate is theirs for the taking. If you want some time to yourself then you know a chicken is going to want to share it with you. Gardening? If you’re digging up the ground then that means yummy worms and bugs and chances are they’ll think you’re doing it just for you.

Make sure that you clean away any excess food at the end of the day and remove any feeders.

Always make sure you secure any coops from predators.

Consider the type of chicken you want. I have a mixture of ex-batts and the fancier breeds. All are wonerful – ex-batts are friendlier if I’m completely honest.

What would other chicken owners like to share? Make a comment on this post to share your chicken keeping experiences.

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