Angels Everywhere

I started this rescue because I love animals, wildlife and helping. I trained, did courses and made contacts with vets and other organisations. I wanted to run the best rescue i could.

What i never really thought about was Baby Bird Season. I had no clue of the chaos it brought or the constant calls and messages begging for help. I never thought about the disabled babies thrown from their nests that would need long term care.

Dont get me wrong I love it – although perhaps this year with lockdown its more stressful than other years. We have tried to stay open and keep helping but its hard and you can never do enough.

We work with a lot of other rescue organisations that we couldn’t live without – like Wild Wings, Ainsworth, Kinder and Fylde. We keep each other going when we want to collapse in a heap.

I guess i wanted to say that after some particularly dark days i have found angels in a lot of places. In people who have reached out and in the birds that rely on me to keep going. Sitting in the sunshine listening to the birds and enjoying the magical.crazy space we are creating.

My sister has created a private page called The Trouble with Neighbours so she can talk openly about everything going on. She find it therapeutic. Send me a message if you want to join and i will ask her to send an invite. So write freely, take photos and enjoy life.

There will always be darkness but there will always be angels too. If you can be anything (but Batman isnt available) then be an angel for sure.

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