The Art of Destruction

So as most of you know our blogs are mainly just me talking about things that have happened, impacts, etc.

Sadly in the world of rescue things are not as they should be. I have spoken to a couple of rescue buddies this weekend alone who have said they are going to close – or are closing. Why? Because of people’s behaviours. That’s the standard answer. So people aren’t continuing to rescue because of the constant abuse and attacks they are getting from other people? That is super sad!

We are no stranger to this at Every Feather. It happens to every rescue. Sadly this weekend it appears we were targeted yet again and as a result a long-standing relationship with another rescue came to a close.

We have been doing this for a decade now and that’s the one thing that never changes. There will always be people stirring the pot – people trying to cause fractions and issues where there doesn’t need to be any. There will always be gossip. (So if anyone tells you that we have started rehabbing dinosaurs it is probably a lie…. probably).

Respect is the key. We all need to respect each other and treat each other the way we would wish to be treated. Of course we have our opinions – but no rescue knows everything because rescue and rehab are constantly changing and growing. I learn so much from my friend at Meltham because in our chats she will tell me something and then apologise for saying it because I probably already know -and I’m like “wow thanks for sharing that I’m going to give it a go.”

One thing you get used to in rescue is friendships /relationships breaking down. It’s par for the course sadly. What I would say is that if we are all transparent then there is no need for disrespect or horrible behaviour. If you write something that could be taken the wrong way then don’t write it – pick up the phone and ask the question in the same way you would want that person to do if the situation was reversed. If a rescue is transparent in how they run you will know – if they aren’t then you will also come to see that. Rescues don’t all have to operate the same way but they should all put the birds/animals first and ego somewhere towards the end of the list.

For this week I’m going to try and share one post a day from a rescue that I really respect and admire. I’m going to spread some positivity because all us rescuers need it right now. This rehab malarkey can kick your ass – nobody needs anything adding to that in terms of extra weight to carry.

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