I thought I’d just write this blog post about the Jubilee weekend coming up. I just waffle on about all sorts and that seems like a good place to start.

So on Friday and Saturday we will be at the Horwich Jubilee Events. It sounds like it will be alot of fun – two different venues so make sure you check out where it will be on which day. My sister has been working hard on the Jubilee Bird Hangers which will be on sale there (as well as the ones that will be sent out asap). There will be a Chinese Auction (I think that’s what she called it), a Toy Tombola and other various wildlife and bird related things.

Indy will be there (I am hoping to make him a little crown because obviously ravens go hand in hand with royalty) and he is looking particularly stunning now he’s started to grow his feathers back. We will bring some of the Hatching Project ducklings we got in so people can see how big they are and I’m hoping to start my petition for Greater Manchester to try and stop these from happening next year.

What else…. I may try and bake some cakes but I’m not promising that will happen. I currently have a lot of beaks demanding feeds so I am pretty much not doing half the things I mean to do.

The downside is that we have had to cancel the Jubilee Drive Sale on Sunday – we just won’t have enough time and energy to do it. After two days in Horwich we will need to do all the jobs we’ve put off!

I finished my first year of the Psychology Degree (trust me it still hasn’t helped me understand why certain people behave the way they do) and now I just need to find out if I managed to scrape through on my last assignment.

This next bit is important!!!! Please can people put food out for the birds where possible – particularly for the corvids. They get a bad reputation – eating other baby birds etc – but they are really struggling this year. We have seen so many emaciated and deformed baby corvids coming in – they just can’t find enough to eat and feed to their young. If you can just pop a little something out for them it will really really help.

So, I am off to finish work and hopefully start making Indy’s crown. Just need to locate some gold card and work out how to measure the circumference of a raven head when said raven doesn’t know how to sit still. The challenges just keep on coming x

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