I know my blogs aren’t always wildlife related – it’s more of a journal really to show you the other side of rescue – the more personal side if that makes sense.

With baby bird season we see a lot of babies coming in who want to survive – some manage and some sadly don’t. I always say that nature knows best – when they are thrown out of the nest by Mum it’s because she senses they won’t make it and alot of the time she’s right. Every time she’s right when it comes to them surviving in the wild without human interference.

Every year our hearts break over a disabled or sick baby that comes in and never stands a chance. So survival is very much on my mind at this time of year.

Over the last several years most of you will know that we have struggled personally with harassment and malicious complaints. It’s the type of ongoing saga that you push through and hope has been defeated. The problem with the people who do this kind of thing is that they won’t stop unless they are forced to – and you are left surviving rather than living as you wait for the next move.

I have been talking to two different people recently about the latest malicious complaint and both people complemented me and Samantha for how we were dealing with this now – as opposed to our completely mental and emotional breakdowns in previous years. I started thinking – is this something to be congratulated on? Should you congratulate someone for coming to terms with the fact that they are always going to be harassed and attacked? Is it a positive thing that you can laugh about something even though inside you are completely crumbling at yet another epic battle that doesn’t need to happen?

I don’t think people should have to learn to live with something like this. They shouldn’t have to sit feeling sick every time the doorbell goes or the phone rings in case it’s the result of yet another pointless attack. They should be protected and the perpetrator should be made to face the consequences of these acts – made to understand that it is neither acceptable nor to be tolerated.

Over the weekend I received a message from someone I have become quite fond of in the rescue world. He was close to throwing in the towel because everything he does is attacked or criticised. This person does an amazing job – he is learning and growing and he asks questions and gets advice when he doesn’t know something. Yet people see a need to attack or criticise rather than simply messaging him with a concern so he can answer it.

Why are some people like this? Are they bored and looking for drama? Are they sad and wanting attention? What is it? If we could understand the real motivation – because it is not about genuine concern – then perhaps we could do something to stop these people from doing what they do.

As I start a new year in my life I want to promise myself that I’ll ignore things going forward – that I won’t respond and I will just get on with my life – but it’s not that easy and frankly why should we?

At this time of year people in rescue are exhausted. They are constantly answering calls, giving advice, feeding, cleaning, medicating. Fending off unnecessary cruelty shouldn’t be added to the list. I know I’m probably preaching to the converted right now – the majority of the people reading this wouldn’t dream of doing anything like this. Everyone has a right to raise a point or give advice – I’ve actually learned alot from people messaging me to tell me how they do things or even posting their ideas for something. It’s valuable and I then pass it on to other rescues too. It’s how we all grow and learn because rescue work is one of those organic things that is always growing and changing.

I might have gone off at a tangent somewhere in there so sorry about that. I guess what I want to say is Be Kind and if you can’t Be Kind then Be Silent. And also that if you are mentally struggling with something like this then I’m always here to offer a shoulder to lean on. Let’s hold each other up instead of bringing each other down – and if we are the kind of person who isn’t happy unless they are attacking someone then may I suggest you do the ‘be silent’ thing x

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