So things have been pretty busy at Every Feather for the last few months – and that’s in part why I haven’t managed to update the blog. We closed the doors for a little while – did some moving around and re-organising and have opened our doors slowly again.

We are at the Leigh Ornithological Society event on Saturday 9th at Leigh Library – but unfortunately Indy can’t come due to some space restrictions and another bird display. Then hopefully putting in an appearance at Wild Wings Halloween Event with Indy on Halloween.

I have started studying towards a Psychology Degree in the hope of combining that with rescue to help people with mental health issues in the future. After coming into contact with some rather heartless Psychologists over the years I am hoping that I might be able to provide a little heart myself! You never know.

There have been a lot of patients admitted – lots of pigeons mainly over the last few months. I have also been working with someone on a new volunteer procedure.

It’s all moving along but due to illness quite slowly.

Sometimes slowly is a good thing!

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