New Year New Problems

2021 hasn’t got off to the best of starts for us at Every Feather. I can only hope that it intends to be one of those slow off the mark type of years – one that makes you think nothing will change and then everything suddenly gets good.

We lost the beautiful Boo. I had had him since he was a little turkey poult and we had a close bond. One day I found him which what looked like an impact wound to the side of his head. I can’t think of a single logical reason how it could have happened. He came inside but two days later he was unable to stand and passed away in my arms. I am completely devastated and can’t quite believe that he is gone. I seriously hope that whatever caused the impact it was not on purpose. I have put Spruce Springsteen, our miniature Christmas Tree to mark his place in the garden and the lights twinkle at night so he knows he isn’t alone.

I also said goodbye to my car. This has left me unable to do collections but also it’s weird how much we rely on cars. Having Fibromyalgia and M.E. means i have come to rely on mine more than I realised. Hopefully this at least will be remedied shortly.

Samantha’s leg continues to heal but not as well as it should be. The Drs think she may need another surgery later this year and the progress seems slow. It gets her down alot when she has to take an electric buggy out just to go with the dogs. She has an appointment at the hospital next week and we hope for some good news – perhaps a miracle.

Patients have been coming in thick and fast over the festive period. Sadly we received a lapwing last night that had somehow lost both feet. It looked like possibly a trap of some kind because they were cleanly gone. Unfortunately it passed away overnight despite our attempts to rehydrate. It was emaciated and suffered long enough.

Pigeons have made up the most of our patients lately. They struggle in the cold weather and the damp. Our pigeon sheds at the Fletcher Site are currently full, but we have very kindly been offered space for an extra shed there which will hopefully happen some time over the Spring.

I can’t want for the end of the cold weather and dark nights. I can’t wait for the end of lockdown so we can see our friends again. x

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